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Current political representatives for Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga  - Frank Kehren

At present, Charles J. (Chuck) Fleischmann Republican is the only representative representing Chattanooga TN. He was born in Manhattan in New York on October 11, 1962 and is a politician who has since 2011 been representing Tennessee’s third congressional district, which has its base in Chattanooga.

Fleischmann has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Illinois University. He earned Phi Beta Kappa as well as Magna Cum Laude and has also received his doctorate from Tennessee University in Knoxville.

In 1987, Fleischmann moved to Chattanooga. At the time, he opened up a law company that goes by the name of Fleischmann and Fleischmann. He has also served as President and Chairman of some of the most well respected associations in Chattanooga.

Charles J Chuck Fleischmann has been married to Brenda M. Fleischmann and they are the proud parents of three sons.

He was first elected to the Third District in 2010 when the incumbent Zach Wamp retired. Of the eleven different candidates who took part in the primaries Fleischmann was the one who won very handsomely. He garnered 1415 more votes than the runner up Robin Smith and he was also declared victor in a majority of districts. Fleischmann then went on to beat his Democrat opponent John Wolfe by fifty-seven percent of the vote.

In 2012, Fleischmann was re-elected when he won the Republican primary. He then ran on the Republican ticket and beat his Democrat opponent Mary Headrick in the general elections held in November that year. His victory was a resounding one.

Fleischmann is a Republican who represents a politician who has come up the hard way. He has been on a number of important committees and subcommittees. From dealing with appropriations to energy and homeland security, Fleischmann has had his hands full being a member of various committees and subcommittees that dealt with important issues affecting the average American. He has also dealt with matters related to labor and health as well as human services and education, and more.

His voting record is as follows: Fleischmann has missed only forty-three of the 2797 roll call votes. His 1.5 percent record is better than the median of 2.5 percent among serving representatives. His bills have had sixty-eight co-sponsors in the 113th Congress. Of the ninety-five bills co-sponsored by Fleischmann only two percent were introduced by a person who was not a Republican.

Representative Gerald McCormick is another political representative for Chattanooga. He was born on February 22, 1962 and is married and has two daughters. He is also a Methodist and Commercial Real Estate Broker.



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A history of Chattanooga Politics

Chattanooga Politics from Past to Present

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Bearing a total population of 171,279 as of the year 2012, Chattanooga is considered as the fourth largest city in Tennessee. It is also the seat of Hamilton County as well as a home to Chattanooga’s City Courts and Hamilton County’s Courts.

chattanooga - frank kehren 2

Chattanooga politics is also interesting. If you want to know more about its political history, then you can read on:


Leadership System in the City

As of this day, the mayor of Chattanooga is Andy Berke, an ex-senator who assumed the position in the March 2013 elections. Chattanooga is now operating under a charter which was granted by the state legislature in the year 1852. Not long after, its charter has been amended. The leadership system of the city was modified from a white dominated commission type of government after the ruling of U.S. District Judge R. Allan Edgar in the year 1989. Under his ruling, it was verified that the commission form of government has infringed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 through the black vote dilution.In turn, the city has dumped the “at-large voting system” that was utilized for the commission type of government, recognized districts that stood for minorities and has abolished voting privileges for those non-resident property owners.It was also at this time when the mayor council type of government was formed. And the current leadership system began in the year 1991.

Chattanooga’s Legislative Branch

The legislative branch in the city is divided into nine districts. Every district has its own council member which was chosen in the partisan elections.

At present, the council members in the city are as follows:

District 1- Chip Henderson
District 2- Jerry Mitchell
District 3- Ken Smith
District 4-Larry Grohn
District 5-Russell Gilbert
District 6- Carol Berz
District 7- Chris Anderson
District 8- Moses Freeman
District 9- Yusuf Hakeem

In the House of Representatives, on the other hand, Chattanooga’s representative is Chuck Fleischmann from the third district. Meanwhile, Chattanooga is represented by Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander in the Senate. Both politicians hold offices in Chattanooga.

Among the delegations of Chattanooga to the Tennessee House of Representatives are Gerald McCormick from District 26, Richard Floyd from District 27, JoAnne Favors from District 28, Mike Carter from District 29, Vince Dean from District 30 as well as Jim Cobb from District 31.In Tennessee, Chattanooga is separated between two districts. These are District 10 and District 11 with Todd Gardenhire and Bo Watson who are standing for each district, respectively. Indeed, Chattanooga politics has a rich story to tell and is reflective of the movements that are done by the people in the early eras.


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Tennessee Titans 2014

Tennessee Titans 2014 Season

Titans Stadium - Hector AlejandroThe 2014 Tennessee Titans have not really gotten much of anything to be excited about this year. The Titans have fallen to a 2-11 record and are competing with many others teams for the top spot in the upcoming NFL Draft. The fact that the Titans have been playing in the same division as the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans only makes the need to rebuild all the more important.

Late Game Issues

Much of what has caused the Titans to fall this low comes from how the team has not been able to handle many of its games well when down the wire. The most notable example came from when the Titans blew a 25-point lead to Cleveland earlier this year. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh scored fourteen points in the last quarter of their game against the Titans to get their win. Even Washington got in on it with a field goal at the last second to win. It is clear from this that the Titans have struggled to try and finish their games, thus causing several losses throughout much of this season.

Weak On the Run

The Titans have the NFL’s worst rush defense as the team is giving up more than 140 rushing yards per game. This is about 55 more than what the Titans themselves are getting. This only makes it easier for the Titans to really move forward and getting the most over time.

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Who’s the Quarterback?

The Titans are especially at a quandary with regards to the need to find a quarterback. With the Titans having eighteen touchdowns versus sixteen interceptions, the Titans have struggled dramatically to try and find some kind of control. The Titans have gotten through three quarterbacks this year.

Needless to say, Zach Mettenberger may be the option for the team in the future but his shoulder injury that has put him out for the season has only made things worse. While he has been the most proficient particular quarterback for the Titans, there is always that potential that a rookie quarterback might be a little more tempting for the Titans in terms of satisfying their needs.

A Draft Point

The big question for the Titans this year is to see just where they will go in the NFL Draft based on how close they are with others for the top spot in the draft. Whether or not they can get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota on the draft is unclear but it is a realistic potential for the team at this moment.

For more information about Titans in the off-season, check out nfl.com!

Titans Stadium – Hector Alejandro

Economy in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Economics: Important Players to the City’s Economic Status

Library books - duane tateChattanooga is one of the major cities in Tennessee, which makes it among the main economic players for the state. Chattanooga economics is composed of numerous industries due to its diverse market. The city is known for having a lot of industries concentrating on service industries. Some companies are in the manufacturing industry because of numerous plants established for production.

Top Brands in the City

Chattanooga has different top brands famous for providing jobs when it comes to manufacturing. Perhaps one of the famous brands is Volkswagen Assembly Plant set up in the city. Inaugurated in the year 2011, this assembly plan is named as the brand’s production headquarters. Due to the brand’s expansion, the plant continued to hire a lot of Chattanooga locals to staff up their manufacturing demands.Aside from the top brand, the city is also the site of a lot of telecommunication companies. They set their offices in the city to continue offering top caliber services to clients. Since these offices held numerous tasks like services and production, they also contribute to the growing number of employment rate in the city. More than these companies, other top company distributors are also set in the city and contribute to current Chattanooga economics.

Continuous Job Growth


The issue of recession affected the entire country, which includes Chattanooga. It listed thousands of lost job due to recession. According to studies, the city will need several years before the city can recover from this problem. However, recent study showed that the city is on its way to employment rebound, which means jobs are starting to grow again and promise more stable jobs for its locals. When you are back at work in Chattanooga, the experts at True Chiropractic recommend that you stay safe. If you are injured on the job, contact the best chiropractor in your area. Comparing the city’s rebound rate with other states may not be as significant as what they experienced. This is because the city did not suffer as heavy blow as other states. Nevertheless, the fact that this growth is noticeable is promising for its local residents and those who are wishing to relocate in the city.

Other Sectors

Aside from its local companies, a lot of sectors also contribute to Chattanooga economics. A common example is the metropolitan airport established in the city. It plays to the city’s economy because of its offered jobs as well as the number people traveling to the city.Overall, Chattanooga economics is gaining a stable status, which makes it a promising city for residents and those relocating in the future. Its growing industries offer a bright future for the city and for its residents.


Library books – duane tate

Chattanooga Police News

Chattanooga Police Officer Under Review

Police Lights - JJIt seems that issues involving police officers and race just keep coming. Reports of Chattanooga police under review is now making the rounds online. Police officer William Puckett of Chattanooga is now in hot water because of comments he made in social networking site Facebook about racial injustice. When Puckett read comments made by a Chattanooga resident named Chris Books in the popular social networking site, he responded with comments that many people think are inappropriate especially for a police officer. It is interesting to note that Puckett and Brooks are not even friends on Facebook. When Brooks read the offensive response of Puckett, he immediately reported the matter to Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher. This started the fact finding investigation that is now under way.

If you have been monitoring the news on TV and on the Internet recently, then you are probably aware of the public outrage that has resulted from the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the court rulings about the cases. People who can’t join the protests on the streets has turned to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to voice their opinions. This has started an online debate online. Unfortunately, some people get carried away with their emotions and started posting offensive comments on the Internet not realizing that such comments contribute nothing to the issue at hand and can actually make matters worse.

The news on Chattanooga police officer under review also brings to light how the police handle social media and the behavior of police officers in social media sites. Because of their responsibilities to the public, police officers are expected to behave properly even on the Internet. The Interne may be a democratic platform but that does not mean that people, especially public servants such as police officers can do whatever they want online. Puckett’s Facebook has already been deactivated. But people should know by now that it is really hard to get anything off the Internet because of the nature of the medium. Posts can easily become viral through sharing.

If there is one lesson to be learned in this Chattanooga police officer under review news it is that public servants should always behave properly no matter what platform they are in. They should not forget about their duties and responsibilities even while surfing the Internet. The issue of racism is a complicated one and may not get resolved anytime soon. But if we all learn how to respect one another both online and off, then that is already a big step forward.

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Police Lights – JJ

Speedy Internet? Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s super-fast, publicly-owned Internet

INTERNET - sven sellerNot many associate cutting-edge technology with Chattanooga, Tennessee. However things seem to have changed as the city has now established itself as an innovation center with Chattanooga’s super-fast, publicly-owned internet. This offers an alternative for all those who are fed up with the high rates and slow speeds offered by existing private broadband providers.

With the fiber-optic network rolled out by Chattanooga a few years ago, the city now has an internet service that offer speeds reaching 1000 Megabits per second or 1 gigabit for only $70 a month. There is also a cheaper Megabit plans available costing $58 a month which is much better than the US average connection speed of only 9.8 megabits per second.

Alternate option for connectivity 

The mayor of Chattanooga Andy Berke says that this internet service has altered the concept of the city. Being a midsized and southern city, it’s a huge achievement for the city to be in front of the technological curve today and not at its tail end.

With federal officials pitted in the midst of controversies over various issues related to internet service providers like Time Warner Cable, Chattanooga today gives an alternative option for people to remain connected. The city based agency called Electric Power Board runs its own network with service with a much higher-speed than any other private sector competitor can manage.

Fiber networks prove to be disadvantageous as they are very expensive to install and maintain. Moreover, operators need to lay new wiring underground and then link the fibers to individual homes.

As there is not much competition in the broadband industry, industry experts believe that there are not many incentives for broadband providers to increase their bandwidth or improve their infrastructure much.

Started with a smart power grid

It was in 2008 that Chattanooga’s project was started with the aim of building a ‘smart’ power grid for the city which rerouted electricity on the fly and prevented outages while carrying internet traffic.

It then did not seem that the private sector would bring genuine high-speed connectivity to the market as the city had to contend with lawsuits from Comcast and local cable operators while working to get the network up and running.

With the help of a $111 million stimulus grant from the Department of Energy, the service was finally started and running by September 2009. To date, the EPB has about 5,000 business customers and about 57,540 households with access to video, internet and phone services just like private providers.


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INTERNET – sven seller

Police Controversy Leads to Legislature

Controversial Bill Regarding St. Louis Police To Be Introduced

On Friday, the people of St. Louis will hear the first reading of the proposed controversial bill that is related to the St. Louis police department. The bill which establishes a Citizen Oversight Board for the police department will however be challenged by the police union.

St.Louis Police - Doug WallickTerry Kennedy, who is the alderman behind the bill, says that at present, any problems you have with the police have to be complained directly to the department. There are similar boards across America, which is why he thinks St. Louis too will benefit from one.

Board members

If the bill gets passed, seven city residents will be selected to the board once their appointments are confirmed by the St. Louis Board of Alderman. The board will have the power to independently go through witness statements and evidence of investigations carried out by police Internal Affairs.

After making a thorough review, the findings will be produced to the public safety director and police chief and based on the information produced, make recommendations for procedure and police policies.

This move is something that the Board of Alderman has wanted for years as they believe it will help them address any distrust the community has for the police department. Though the mayor had vetoed a similar bill in 2006, he has decided to support this bill after taking a look at the events in Ferguson.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association has released a statement regarding this proposed bill:

“A copy of the proposed ordinance was issued to the St. Louis Police Officers Association. The copy was furnished by an independent source and not by any representative of the Board of Alderman, which they thought was typical. They say that their critics on the Board of Alderman do not understand or even worry to understand what they criticize, or even think about the devastating effects their attacks on the police officers have on the security of the neighborhoods they represent. Instead of making an attempt to bridge the gap separating the police and the community’s distrustful elements, Alderman Kennedy and other similar people are grabbing their shovels to dig a deeper trench. Moreover the proposed ordinance violates the city charter, union contract and state statutes agreed to by the City. the police feel that this was not productive and was a disservice to the people of St. Louis for whom the police officers put their lives at risk while on duty every day.”

There will thus be a public hearing before an actual vote is made on the bill. 

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 St.Louis Police – Doug Wallick

Governor Bill Haslam

Gov. Bill Haslam earned a 70 percent approval rating

Gov John C Brown House - Brent MooreTennessee is a state which has always had a strong Republican presence in its eastern portion. It is this majority which had helped the party maintain a sizable presence in the state. Unlike other southern parts, democratic candidates seldom received more than 55% of the votes. In fact, in good Republican years, they even ended up losing.

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Tennessee was thus one of the states to align with GOP, and the first state to elect two Republican senators. The state also occasionally elected Republican governors even during Jim Crow’s era.

A safe bet for re-election

In fact at the end of Jim Crow’s era, the state alternated governship between parties. However this year, as Gov. Bill Haslam had managed to rake in a 70% approval rating, he is considered a safe bet for re-election.

It was during the latest polls which were conducted from Vanderbilt University that the Governor had managed to earn his 70% approval rating. This is till today the highest recording he had achieved by the school, and it was also much higher than other famous politicians in Tennessee.

Haslam had received a 57% approval rating from Democrats, 67% approval from Independents and an 86% approval from Republicans. Though many Tea party-assigned legislature members and the State Republican Party had mentioned there is a push against the governor and his administration from party conservatives, the poll proved that 76% of the members of the self-identified Tea-Party group approved of Haslam.

Much more than anticipated 

John G. Geer, the co-director of Vanderbilt Centre was the person responsible for coordinating the poll. He says that a disconnect’ exists between Tea Party lawmakers which is important for the administration and average Tea Party voter in Tennessee.

While he had anticipated that Haslam would receive good approval numbers, his 70% mark was surprising and much more than he had anticipated. Geer also mentioned that the other Republican governors; Walker from Wisconsin, Jindal from Louisiana and Christie from New Jersey could not get a 50% approval ratings in the recent polls.

Dancing in the streets

Geer also mentioned that politicians love getting over 50% approval rating and that they would get quite excited if they got a 60 % approval rating So he could envisioned that politicians who got about 70% approval would go dancing in the streets out of elation.

He also said that he thought this high mark would give the governor some leeway to get more assertive with the legislative agenda as the 70% approval rating is 12% higher than recorded by Vanderbilt for governorship in May.



Gov John C Brown House – Brent Moore

Fake Adoption: The Thibault Case

Maryville Fake Adoption

Day 207 - JullThe Maryville Fake Adoption case came to light after Kevin Scott Thibault, aged forty-nine and hailing from Maryville Tennessee admitted to being guilty of the crime of forging signatures of a judge and an officer of the district court of the USA. A grand jury indicted him on the charge of forgery. He was to be sentenced on first December 2014 in the district court of Knoxville before the right honorable judge Pamela L Reeves. The maximum jail term for Thibault could be five years and a fine of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars plus a maximum of 3 years of supervised release and a one hundred dollar special assessment.

Thibault has also admitted to being guilty to single count information that charges him with the improper usage of mail for the sole purpose of enacting a fraudulent scheme. If convicted for this offense, Thibault could face up to twenty years in prison plus a fine of a maximum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and a three year supervised release along with a hundred dollar special assessment.

Thibault did his best to defraud people and it all began when he tried to represent himself in a fraudulent manner. He tried to pose as an attorney who would help a couple of individuals adopt foster children who were in their care and custody. In the year 2012, Thibault provided these individuals with forged adoption papers, which Thibault claimed had been filed in a district court in the USA and which was signed by a judge and certified by a court officer of the district court of USA. When this matter was investigated further, it was found that the judge had not signed the papers and nor were the papers certified by the said court official. The signatures had been forged. Later in the year 2012, Thibault made some unreasonable demands on the individuals who he said should sign a power of attorney in his name to allow him to represent them in the Maryville Fake Adoption case.

Thibault got into trouble when it was found that the power of attorney only permitted him to do financial transactions on behalf of the individuals. Thibault defrauded the individuals to the tune of four hundred thousand dollars. When the matter was investigated, the fraud was unearthed and the guilty person was arrested and indicted as well as convicted. All this happened after the FBI and the Sheriff’s office of Blount County got wind of the fraud committed by Thibault.

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Day 207 – Jull

ChatTown Locals Uber Excited for Uber App

How and why Uber Is Good For Chattanooga

After months of speculation, the ride-sharing application Uber has finally been launched in Chattanooga on Thursday. All the hired Chattanooga drivers gathered downtown to go over the company’s protocols confirm their documentation and receive their Uber-issued iPhone.

This company based in San Francisco has been flirting with Chattanooga since summer, when they had first placed advertisements stating that the company was looking for Chattanooga drivers. Uber is good for Chattanooga as you can use it for all your travelling needs in Chattanooga ranging from exploring the Chattanooga market to spending the night out with friends.

How to use Uber 

Taxi Moyan BrennBased on the company’s mobile app, riders have to first add their credit card information and then peg down local Uber drivers for their rides. The good thing about Uber is that no cash changes hands.

Both the rider and driver are given a chance to rate each other and when it’s fixed, payment is made digitally and a digital receipt is issued. However as a promotional offer, Uber is not charging their Chattanooga drivers; they are offering five free rides to commuters through Nov. 27.

Why Uber is good for Chattanooga

Uber is good for Chattanooga as it offers a source of income to the drivers, who may even be retired people. To become a driver, all you have to do is sign up and after going through the company’s month-long hiring process, wait for results.

Once a rider requests for an Uber ride, the driver’s photo, car make and VIN number show up in the app. As the driver drives to the pickup point, a car emblem moves in the Uber application towards the pick-up location.

All Uber drivers in Chattanooga earn an assured $15 per hour between 11 am and 3 pm. on Thursday and those drivers who remain online for six hours earn an additional $50 as they are one of the company’s founding partners.

Ultimate company goal 

The hot spots in Chattanooga were tagged by the company to help the new drivers. While the busiest spots were tagged red, the spots which were not so busy were marked orange and yellow. While the entire city of Chattanooga was tagged red, the North shore and Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport were flagged orange zones and the Hamilton Place, yellow.

It was Chattanooga’s forward thinking perspective and reputation that grabbed Uber’s attention. While Uber today operates in Memphis, Atlanta, Nashville and Knoxville the ultimate goal of the company is to connect all these cities.


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 Taxi – Moyan Brenn